Chalet 22.06.: Don't Rush Invites

Das Event "Don't Rush Invites" @ Chalet hat bereits am 22.06.2013 stattgefunden.
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Don't Rush Invites

Gray hair, canes, getting to shoplift without getting caught. Sometimes getting older can seem like a good thing. But you want to know what else is amazing? Constant arrested development! Let us celebrate our Peter Pan complexes and be youthful forever. For the wonderful Maralinas day of birth, we will not rush getting older. And with this party we introduce a new party series curated by Maralina, Norman Methner and Beaner. Don't Rush.



***Studio Barnhus pres.: ***
Axel Boman (Pampa, Studio Barnhus) SE
Petter (Studio Barnhus, Border Community) SE
Usio (Studio Barnhus) SE
Kornel Kovacs (Studio Barnhus) SE
***Triphouse Rotterdam:***
Steven Pieters & Khalil (Triphouse rotterdam) NL
Tenpa (Triphouse rotterdam) NL
Moody Mehran (Triphouse rotterdam) NL

Smash TV (Get Physical, Bpitch) DE
Lopazz (Get Physical) DE
Jake the Rapper (Bar25, DE
andy Digital aka Anders Akergren (Studio Soulrock) SE
Norman Methner (We Love Wax) DE
Beaner (Bar25, Las Mission) DE
C.L.A.W.S. (Bar25) US
Carlos Valdes (Studio Soulrock) NL
Sese & Danny Faber (Bar25, Chalet) DE
Yannick Robyns (WANTED!) DE
Maralina David (Chalet) DE
Nick Galemore & Edouard (Kindisch) DE
Brent Roozendaal (drift, Studio Soulrock) NL
Enriques Grooves NL
Martinos Tsavidis (Triphouse rotterdam) NL
Taylan Alan (Triphouse rotterdam) NL>Charlton (Triphouse rotterdam) NL
Rocky (Triphouse rotterdam) NL
Damoon (Triphouse rotterdam) NL
very special secret guests


Abendkasse: 10€