Griessmuehle 22.04.: Killekill's Jack the Griessmühle + Esch Floor

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Killekill's Jack the Griessmühle + Esch Floor

On the mainfloor we will focus on the dirty jacking house grooves from Chicago, presenting one of the finest crews of that sound: Snuff Crew, the men with the masks. Also we invited DJ Krime of the fresh and hyped labels Dizzy Tunes, which is one of the few modern labels which release functional jacking grooves. From the Killekill family it's label boss DJ Flush and newcomer Tigerhead who we present at Grießmühle for the first time. 
In the basement you will get techno in all its forms from Esch, one of the finest Berlin crews.
From 10:00 am we will drift directly into the Colours Afterhour where we are happy to present a rare guest appearance by Humandrone from Japan as well as Snitch's banging UK bass inspired techno live act among a lot of RR-Asi DJ and others.

Jack the house!


+ Snuff Crew (snuff trax, killekill) (live)
+ DJ Krime (dizzy tunes)
+ DJ Flush (killekill)
+ Tigerhead (killekill)
+ Fist Van Odor (killekill)

+ Esch Floor
+ Skymn (live) (hypnus records)
+ LUX (giegling)
+MAKK (esch)
+ THNTS (esch)

+ Colours Afterhour mit RR-Asi-DJs starting at 10am on Sunday:
+ Humandrone (snuff trax) (live)
+ Snitch (pneuma d'or) (live)
+ Adonis Wolf (bossy wax)
+ HKS97 (freude am sitzen)
+ OP/H (stützpunkt)
+ brick (▭)
+ Jörg Lüttringhaus (luettringhouse)
+ Mown (chineurs de berlin)
+ Jalab (Minijob)
+ Herr'N Los (chineurs de berlin)


Tickets: ab 12€