Salon - Zur wilden Renate 20.07.: 4 Years Love On The Rocks

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4 Years Love On The Rocks

Hard to believe it has been more than four years since the first record on Love on the Rocks (LOTR) — the Berlin-based record label run by infamous squirting DJ Paramida — was released. To celebrate their 4th birthday and showcase the best of the label, LOTR has gathered friends and family from far and wide, from Wilde Renate regular and LOTR whizkid Samuel Gieben, to Violet and Elles, the newly signed duo behind the latest offering from the label, "A Life Lived In Fear Is Like A Life Half Lived”, to Etbonz, Portland based LOTR artist whose remix is one of four on the release. They’re joined by Omer, whose summer anthem "Bye" became a hit on LOTR last year, receiving plenty of spins in our rooms and worldwide. Al Kassian, remixer and upcoming artist for the label plays next door, alongside trippy Polish disco export and fellow LOTR crew Das Komplex, and many more. Prost!



+ Al Kassian (planet sundae, love on the rocks)
+ Cani (zombiesinmiami)
+ Das Komplex (love on the rocks)
+ DJ Kaos (jolly jams)
+ Dr. Condiments (melbourne, tabasco condoms)
+ ELLES (love on the rocks)
+ Etbonz (love on the rocks, bahnsteig 23)
+ Omer (DE) (cocktail d'amore, love on the rocks)
+ Philipp Grosser (love on the rocks)
+ Rollercoaster Kai (ssub rosaa)
+ Samuel Gieben (love on the rocks)
+ Violet (PT) (naive)


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Salon - Zur wilden Renate

Salon - Zur wilden Renate Berlin

Alt-Stralau 70
10245 Berlin
Die wilde Renate gehört zu den spannendsten Locations der Hauptstadt. Ein Club in einem ehemaligen Wohnhaus ist selbst für Berliner Verhältnisse etwas Besonderes und hat seine ganz eigene Atmosphäre. Aufgelegt wird Elektro und im Sommer kann man im Außenbereich verschnaufen.