Chalet 20.06.: Don't Rush

Das Event "Don't Rush" @ Chalet hat bereits am 20.06.2014 stattgefunden.
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Don't Rush

Don’t Rush Getting Dirty. Don’t Rush shares this milestone (one year!) with our own Maralina David (30 years!). And how do we do it? With the one of a kind Omar S. Detroit neo-legend and self made extraordinaire, he has thrilled us and chilled us with hit after hit on his own FXHE compendium of jams. His new 2x12” Romancing the Stone is yet another in a long line of buy on sight recordings. Not to diminish our other headliner. 2000 and One. He has been kicking out the bam-bam-bam-jams since the tender age of 17, releasing his first record in 1990!! Instead of rushing, Dylan is gonna go back and in time and give us what we all need, a 2000 and One OLD SCHOOL HOUSE SET.

Add to this Steven Pieters & Khalil all the way from Triphouse Rotterdam, Yannick Robyns from Wanted!, Pettenreuth from Sankt Veit, Frag Maddin, Willem, and the Don’t Rush team: Norman Methner, Maralina David, and Beaner.

BUT WE ARENT DONE YET! after this hell of a party, you have the opportunity to take a party bus to Catz n Dogz first edition of their Wooded Garden festival in Wroclaw, Poland. Bang a gong, get it on.

BUT WE DONT RUSH, so that isn’t the end, either!!! on sunday, Don’t Rush will host a after festival boat party on the river with Catz n Dogz and the Don’t Rush team. TICKETS ARE SUPER LIMITED! if you dont get one, maybe you can swim behind the boat, though, we won’t mind.


Omar S (FXHE, Detroit)
2000 and One (100% Pure, Intacto, Remote Area)
Norman Methner (Derwin Records)
Beaner (La Mission/Bar25)
Yannick Robyns (Wanted!)
Frag Maddin (Area Remote)
Steven Pieters & Khalil (Triphouse Rotterdam)
Baron Castle (Hot Flush, White Tiles)
Max Albàn b2b Lion Bakman (Chalet | Rough Cut)
Maralina David (Chalet | Studio Soulrock)
Pettenreuth (Sankt Veit)
Willem ( the full glass music )


Abendkasse: 15€