Farbfernseher 19.07.: Operate: 2-Step, UK-Garage & House

This event "Operate: 2-Step, UK-Garage & House" @ Farbfernseher has already ended on 07/19/2018. Here you can find upcoming events for this location!

Operate: 2-Step, UK-Garage & House

Coming up soon: the next round of UKG and 2-Step at Farbfernseher, our seriously celebrated bi-monthly event OPERATE in its 3rd year. 

On July 19th we are really happy to have NGHT DRPS joining the team. The highly valued member of the Through My Speakers crüe will tune in with his own take on the UKG topic. 
We can't wait to have him showing off with his expertise.


+ Ben Mono 


Abendkasse: tba


Farbfernseher Berlin

Skalitzerstr. 114
10999 Berlin
Der Farbfernseher ist eine kultige Electro-Location in Berlin. Er ist einer der wenigen Clubs, die es geschafft haben, Underground zu bleiben und trotzdem regelmäßig Besucher anzulocken. Wer auf elektronische Tanzmusik steht, ist hier richtig.