Maybachufer 48 19.07.: Never-Never Forever - Ramschakl Free Open Air

This event "Never-Never Forever - Ramschakl Free Open Air" @ Maybachufer 48 has already ended on 07/19/2015.
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Never-Never Forever - Ramschakl Free Open Air

"Now, there is one rule l insist be obeyed while you are in my house.
No growing up."

Who doesn't dream to be able to escape from everyday life once in a while and to jump back into the skin of their childish ego? We invite you to do just that! Awaiting you is a Free Open Air throwing you back into the best time of your young life, for you can forget everything your age brings with it. We look forward to a memorable Sunday with you in the "Never-Never Land"! 

A quick introduction into our collective: We are a team of DJ's, installation artists, and set designers, with an "Eco" mission. We build party concepts with recycled and repurposed materials found on the streets, and use creative workshops to promote sustainability.

8+ DJ Acts, plunge pool, sustainability workshops, a full bar, t-shirt printing, interactive art... and more.