Fiese Remise 19.04.: Power To The People

Das Event "Power To The People" @ Fiese Remise hat bereits am 19.04.2014 stattgefunden.
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Power To The People

Earth calling evolutionists and visionaries!

We want to get together with you to experience one wonderful night charged with good vibes. Let's create a world full of satisfaction and calmness where you can be yourself! Let's exchange positive energy, let's reach the highest level of euphoria!

Don't change the direction but change the dimension!


Jens Bond (Poker Flat), Daniel Dreier (Highgrade), Jacob Phono (Upon.You), Aline Magnier (Aline & Suné), Sink (Jacker Mag), Kleiner Knochen (Stay Free Kollektiv), Jazzil (Stay Free Kollektiv), Sebastian Dähnel (Stay Free Kollektiv)


Abendkasse: 10€