Burg Schnabel 18.03.: Nie Wieder Schlafen - A New Dimension

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Electro Techno Tech-House

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Electro Techno Tech-House

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Nie Wieder Schlafen - A New Dimension


+ Ama:rú
+ Angaro
+ Chinomatic
+ Kotu
+ Modulo
+ Sam Goku
+ Steppi K.


It was the burning desire to fly, that opened up a new dimension...

For us, it was the dream to not only share music of others, but to actually create music ourselves & share it to the world.

Nie Wieder Schlafen evolves to label in the electronical realms of music and builds a new dimension on top of the beloved Tastmaker-philosphy.
With it comes a fresh & clearer vision of the concept we strongly stand behind. Our new chapter comes with a new & exciting logo – a visualization of the tolerance and family-like atmosphere we focus on and quiet a fewother meanings within’the design, we want to keep as a little secret for you to discover.

As the celebration of Nie Wieder Schlafen’s first release „Energy Patterns“ by Modulo, comes the first Release-Party in the chambers of the uprising club Burg Schnabel. With a new dimension, comes a new family –Exciting artists with a true heart to the music they are involved with.

We invite you to get a glimpse of our new family-members and the storys they want to tell as well as the veterans of Nie Wieder Schlafen.


Tickets: ab 4€