Puro 17.05.: Afrojack

Das Event "Afrojack" @ Puro hat bereits am 17.05.2014 stattgefunden.
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· 23:00 · 228
Gästeliste House RnB HipHop

· 18:00 · 33
Gästeliste Dance Pop RnB Hits Rock

· 23:00 · 26
Gästeliste Verlosung Hip Hop House Charts


Grammy award winning DJ and producer,Afrojack, is one of most notable and iconic names in electronic dance music (EDM) today.

At only 26 years old he has made a large impact on the music industry and is a key player in the worldwide explosion and popularity of EDM.

In 2013, Forbes magazine crowned him as #7 on ‘The World’s Highest Paid DJs List’ and this year The Hollywood Reporter called him ‘’a global icon’’ set ‘’to conquer the world.’’

A talented producer and artist Afrojack is versatile and creative with his sound whether creating club hits or producing and remixing for the likes of Beyoncé, Pitbull or Madonna.

Afrojack is adept at shifting between genres and playing with his sound and it’s easy to see why his skills are some if the most sought after in the world






Puro Berlin

Tauentzienstraße 11
10789 Berlin
Das Puro befindet sich im 20. Stock des Europa Centers und gehört mit seinen bodentiefen Fenstern und der atemberaubenden Aussicht über die City West zu den schönsten Locations der Hauptstadt. Auf die Ohren gibt's hier vor allem Charts und Club Sounds.