Loftus Hall 17.05.: The Down Society

Das Event "The Down Society" @ Loftus Hall hat bereits am 17.05.2013 stattgefunden.
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The Down Society

Dear Down Society Members,

we are delighted to extend another invitation to the fourth edition in a series of lavish and luxurious evenings in Berlin's vintage venue, Loftus Hall.

The purpose of The Down Society is to create a feeling, a feeling of respect. Respect for your friends, family, and all the other people you show consideration for in your daily life. Coming together to enjoy dinner, discuss, dance, and make merry with all your people. The people who enrich our worlds and make everyday worth waking up for. That's how it should be, that's how it will be.

To mark the occasion we are more than delighted to welcome the great SEAN JOHNSTON from London who enriches the british underground music scene since the time before you party people saw the light of the bright world. He is part of the "A Love From Outer Space" collective together with master Andrew Weatherall hosting one of the most sought underground club night series in Europe. Sean also stands behind the alias HARDWAY BROS. releasing tons of outstanding music on labels like Luna Flicks, Astrolab, History Clock, I am a cliché, Throne of Blood, Haules Baules, and the newly formed Emotional Relish.

We are also very happy to have our favourite megaphone user and smasher of scenic beauty, troublemaking persian warlord princess and very dear friend PARAMIDA from Oye Records, who became known in our city for the respected FIN DE SIECLE parties and who just started a new upcoming, more than promising night series called PARADISCO at Salon Zur Wilden Renate.

As a rare special event we like to present a real life-brought-to-the-dancefloor-alliance with our dear lovely loving lovers GLORIA FOCK who is part of the dj team Pauli Pocket & Gloria Fock and her partner in the most important aspects of life GIZZIE who is one half of the dj team Samanta Fox. Bringing the spirit of the Whiskey Tango Foxtrott night, they team up at the decks as SAMANTA FOCK !

To complete this attractive friends with benefits line-up, the good caring DOWN SOCIETY hosts 22ROCKETS and PRINCE OF KNOX break into dawn once again with nothing less than a happy ending with a modicum of thoughtfulness!

☆ As always : SURPRISE LONG DRINK of the night for a special price ☆

Keep one thing in mind, what happens in The Down Society, stays in The Down Society. Omertà for life.


Sean Johnston / a love from outer space / hardway bros
Paramida / oye records / wilde renate
SAMANTA FOCK / ½ Samanta Fox & Gloria Fock
22Rockets & Prince of Knox / the down society


Abendkasse: 5 € before midnight / 8 € after

Loftus Hall

Loftus Hall Berlin

Maybachufer 48-51
12045 Berlin
Die Loftus Hall ist ein Geheimtipp in der Berliner Elektro-Szene. Die Location bewegt sich weit abseits des Mainstreams und überzeugt mit abwechslungsreichen Line-Ups, einer einladenden Atmosphäre im Stil der 50er und 60er Jahre sowie einem echten Underground Feeling, wie nur Berlin es erzeugen kann.