Ritter Butzke 16.03.: Ritterstrasse Pres

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Ritterstrasse Pres. Mother Rec. Record Release

We celebrate the birth of the mother with „I wanna be high & Stay EP“, the debut of Mother Recording's first son.
Nhan Solo, who already delivered the summer killer disco tune „Our Thang“ of 2011, ardently loved not only by Solomun.


Mother Recordings.
n the heart of Berlin, at the foot of the Kreuzberg, we founded Mother Recordings, a record label full of warmth, home to artists whose hearts beat for the true house and disco sound, full of passion and love for the music. We think a label should be more than the name on a cover. That is why the same sweat and lifeblood we leave in the clubs of Berlin, of Germany, and the rest of the world is now fueling Mother Recordings.

Our little family of ambitious music maniacs is standing at the beginning, innocent still in our infancy, ready to fearlessly set off on a big adventure. Why? Because we know she will be there for us, the mother, her arms wide open, offering protection – Mother Recordings stands behind us with this special mother's love that is made to last forever.



Daniel Dexter (Poker Flat Recordings)
Andre Crom (OFF Recordings)
Nhan Solo (Mother Recordings)

Daniel Solar (Dikso Records)
Andi de Luxe (House of Disco)
Oblast (Add Cat, Paris)


Abendkasse: 6€

Ritter Butzke

Ritter Butzke Berlin

Ritterstr. 24
10969 Berlin
Das Ritter Butzke verdankt seinen Namen der Lage an der Ritterstraße in den ehemaligen Butzke Werken. Auf die Ohren gibt's hier vor allem Elektro Sounds und ab und zu auch mal ein paar Hip Hop Beats. Das Butzke ist ein beliebter Anlaufpunkt der Berliner Partycrowd.