Loftus Hall 16.02.: African Acid Is The Future// Muses III

African Acid Is The Future// Muses III

From afro to techno, and a lot more in between.
Because Africa is mother of beat, and beat is tempo. May your hearts beat on our tempo and steps groove with our flow. On an acid trip around Afro rhythms, travelling from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Congo to Ghana, cruising on electronic sounds, cosmic rhythmics and psychedelic vibrations.
African acid is the future and ...^*^

For our first « night » of 2019 we will start the year with an exclusive women line up behind the decks.

Our muses edition is one we cherish particularly, its synonymous with the sweetness of excitement of waiting to have our ladies resident guests, again in the heart of our home, Loftus Hall.

Each year since our debut, they deliverer a new vision of our night, a sharper sense of how to explore it, while always continuing the musical story telling between them and our crowd.

As wild and free as one can be, our muses will amuse your senses and play with your mind for a one of a kind sound voyage.

The party will takes place at Loftus Hall and will start smoothly around 11pm.

Myako, Celine, Anna Leevia, and Maryisonacid terrific gang, will be rotating behind the decks, all night long, as we will also celebrate the birthday of our dear host Wolfonacid .


+ Céline
+ Myako
+ Maryisonacid
+ Anna Leevia


Abendkasse: 10 €

Loftus Hall

Loftus Hall Berlin

Maybachufer 48-51
12045 Berlin
Die Loftus Hall ist ein Geheimtipp in der Berliner Elektro-Szene. Die Location bewegt sich weit abseits des Mainstreams und überzeugt mit abwechslungsreichen Line-Ups, einer einladenden Atmosphäre im Stil der 50er und 60er Jahre sowie einem echten Underground Feeling, wie nur Berlin es erzeugen kann.