Maze 15.04.: Lsb.TV Lounge: Sofa Concerts: Textur / The Marx Trukker / M.Millhoff

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Lsb.TV Lounge: Sofa Concerts: Textur / The Marx Trukker / M.Millhoff

Berlin based modular geek TEXTUR joins forces with his good friends THE MARX TRUKKER and MATTHIAS MILLHOFF.

TEXTUR is a true modular liveact… completely analog, completely improvised. No computer, no desktop synths, no drummachines, NO PRESETS. Always riding the fine line between experimental- and dance-music, mesmerising the audience with ever evolving textures and intriguing rhythmical structures.

Next to his studioworks (with releases on the likes of Noorden, Greta Cottage Workshop and Pluie/Noir) THE MARX TRUKKER is a long term live shot - having played with a huge variety of setups over the last 10+ years he nowadays approaches his live acts with a mixture of live-sampling and the odds and making use of his ever-growing sound library.

MATTHIAS MILLHOFF represents the modular part of #INSTANTBONER. Matthias is a very talented pianist turned synthesist, who started channeling his creativity into modular synth based work. After touring the world with his live act, he is using this opportunity to play some of his more experimental and unusual patches and sounds.

Having known each other for nearly a decade it’s actually the first time they’ll perform together so come over or tune in and expect what you might not expect.


+ Textur live
+ The Marx Trukker (live)
+ Matthias Millhoff live
visuals: Videopunks (The Basement Labs) - NYC
+ Datis 5L
+ Dr Walker


Abendkasse: 5€