Fiese Remise 14.06.: Studio Kreuzberg

Das Event "Studio Kreuzberg" @ Fiese Remise hat bereits am 14.06.2014 stattgefunden.
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Studio Kreuzberg

Up for another round of quality music!
On June 14th we drop part 2 of our Studio Kreuzberg Night at Fiese Remise. Those who attended our first wingding in January will know what to expect: a very special coming together of friends, promising artists, music enthusiasts and new people who we're looking forward to welcome at this amazing location.


Ambrotype, Ed Ed, Gellert, Florian Hirche, Ioakim Sayz, Javier Logares, Jeffrey Jesus Black, Julian Ganzer, Mowgan, Tanaka Canziani, VONDA7


Abendkasse: 8€