Burg Schnabel 14.04.: G day Crucifixxxion

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G day Crucifixxxion

# Joseph Diel birthday bash # 
Our resident will play all night long at the Burg Floor and invite his Djs friends for B2B

Prepare to be punished for your sins. Let yourself be tied, nailed, hung. In action, there is pleasure. We will die and rise together. 

Come and explore dark and uncensored spaces. For the glory of God can be found in the most ungodly places. 

We can die by lust. We can live by love. This Crucifi-XXX-ion welcomes all ages, genders, nationalities and cultures.

Text: Domi Walker
Visual: Yu-liang Liu


Burg Floor:
+ Joseph Diel (SUB Records) & friends for B2B:
+ Alessio Pili (Faut Section)
+ HybriD (SUB Records)
+ Mario Lauriano (SUB Records)
+ Sguizla Jr (Groove Manipulation Recordings)

Glory Box:
+ Fabian Kalker LIVE
+ 2FARO (G day)
+ Mashyno (G day)


Tickets: ab 8€