Arena Club 12.11.: Vƨ. by Knights Início

Das Event "Vƨ. by Knights Início" @ Arena Club hat bereits am 12.11.2016 stattgefunden.
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· 23:59 bis 24.02.19 - 12:00 · 38
Tickets Electro Techno Tech-House

Vƨ. by Knights Início

A night of amusement, elevation and music fusion. Like two knights defending their cause with their backs touching each other so they both can fight in efforts to protect each other’s back. Two DJs playing together, one spins the record while the other picks a new track, back to back or better Knight vs. Knight. Their weapons are their passion and their music. The "arena" is the night. A night of blending identities, styles and repertoires, uplifting the crowd beyond the dimension of each respective DJs singularities. A whole night made of unique and genuine back to backs, or as we call, K2K - Knight to Knight - where each DJ challenge and entertain the other, building a whole set of newness from their various visions.


(secret) Vƨ. (upcoming)
(tba) Vƨ. (knight)
(xxx) Vƨ. (unknown)


Abendkasse: tba

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