Fiese Remise 12.09.: Liber Null Viii

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Liber Null Viii

From the dark and perpetually differentiated chaos, from the stimulation of hypnotic sounds, the greedy nature of man transforms the sensations of the night into ecstatic experiences.

Liber Null VIII is an esoteric celebration of greed, the desire to accumulate for the sake of it. Performance, art and music stimulate the senses to the point of overload and shift your perception of reality.

Music is the salvation and the damnation; the musky scent of the rhythms’ effect stirs up a collective, hedonistic stupor, elevating you to a higher state of existence.

Enter Liber Null.

Ken Karter

Ken Karter was born as a musician and classical pianist. Already when he was a child he was passionate about technology and electronic music. When he got introduced to the world of Djing, he started to appreciate the techno sounds and decided to start a career as a DJ/ producer. At the same time he continued his studies in music, devoting himself to the production as Sound Designer and Sound Engineer. Recently, he started his own label ‘Kript’ that is focused on a specific mix of radical electronic sounds and techno. In the meanwhile, Ken Karter continued important collaborations with well-known classical musicians.

Yuro Chain

Yuro Chain / YRCHN / postindustrialpunk remains / digital bulimia / hacked v-synths / psychenglish lyrics / sexual overdrives / HDIY alienation / cathodic obscurity / glitched daemons / rewiring rituals / idled human brains / new people kept collapsing.

Projekt Gestalten

The Berlin-based Brazilian Diego Garcia could be described as an universal media artist. His alias is simply called Projekt Gestalten and combines various forms of digital media art. Garcia combines highly abstract video art and graphic work with an aggressive approach of techno music that can sometimes even detour into electronica and ambient areas. With a residency in the party label Pornceptual, he have performed his live act in lots of clubs and festivals around Berlin and Brazil, where he manipulates over 4000 loops and samples on the fly combined with analog synths.

DE Vs Troit

DE vs. Troit is a b2b project founded in 2013 in Berlin.
The 2 Italian boys have started since the beginning of their adventure in the German capital, to produce their first tracks, with a true is precisely their concept Detroit-Berlin Techno music. In a short time they managed to get a lot of satisfaction, thanks to their first Ep with the labels Lost Demo, Dunsciat and Vizion Division. Until today they got support and plays by djs as Alex Bau, Adriana Lopez, Ben Klock, Chris Colburn, Forest People, Jesse Jakob, Joseph Capriati, Luke Slater, Oliver Deutschman, Niereich, Patrick Dsp, Pepe Arcade, Rebekah, Speedy J, Vegin and many others ... some of these tracks were played in clubs like Berghain (Berlin), Tresor Berlin and Awakenings Festival 2014. Still other collaborations and outputs are in planning.
The intention of wanting to propose to the Liber Null (Crew that reflects their vision artistic e musical vision) and to perceive your minds an experimental sound with bass and dark sounds.

Frank & David

Frank & David come from another reality.
The human duo saw the grim desolating future that is waiting for us. They saw "The Waste Land", an hopeless place coming up directly as a result of the human kind's actual action on Earth. They know already that humans are not designed to rule over the existence, neither on this planet nor on any other. What humans learned through sciences changed and evolved nearly all of the life's aspects, but following a fateful direction for the existence itself. The only focus was put on the "growth" of the single's power rather than embrace a collective aware common direction. Frank & David already know that the atavistic hunger of mankind has no mercy, not even for the existence itself. The consequences of the generated pain over thousands years needs to find a balance according to the universal laws ruling the organized reality that we know, different from the primitive chaos. Trying to denounce this warped reality through the Monolith, Frank and David want to shape an icon which comes as the symbol of the transition phase that we are living between new orders. The Monolith wants to tell stories of our times through soulful music; often related to techno-ambient-industrial sounds the duo doesn't stick to genres, but try provide a message through a succession of emotional-related sounds while waiting for the cancelation.
The next pending reality will probably not feature the human race in order to guarantee the overall existence and balance of the universe.

Julian Muller

Julian Muller is a French vinyl junkie with a techno mission.
Based in Berlin, he recently rocked the TRESOR floor, providing his acidic creepy banging selection, sharing a bit of his madness.
He will anyway consider any party set as a new backtobasics experience, going through all kinds of techno, connecting his latest crushes to true classics.
He is also co-organizer of INITIAL parties.


ALHEK is Alessandro Sisti, a producer, Dj, Live Performer, sound designer and mastering engineer from Italy.
His first approach to electronic music production was in the early 2000.
For few years he left the production, but in 2008 he returned and attended a course in sound engineering in Rome to improve his professional skills.
After working as sound engineer in various projects, he decided to come back to electronic music production, getting to work with some labels and producers from all around the world.
At the begin of 2012 he released his first solo album as"ALHEK" called "Work One" produced by Neurotraxx Recordings. Afterwards he get contacts with important records label such "Genesa Records" and "Soluxion Records" where he released several works.
Now he lives in Berlin and has several works out on a lot of important labels like: Genesa records, Wall Music, Silent Steps, Tono records, Kaputt, DSR and more are coming.


Unhuman is a noise project founded in 2012 in Athens Greece by releasing his first tape, named Emperor Black from Species Productions. First release party was an art exhibition at Junk records with a contact - piezo mic system, routed through amplifiers and creating an outstanding loud feedback. Guests at this exhibition could demonstrate noise by themselves by walking inside the 'creepy room'.
His second released was a split tape at Red Venice Records with To The Lovers Farewell.
The Unhuman project is all about darkness and misanthropy. A radical extreme sound with drone and rhythm influences mixed with the worst human's nightmares. As a dj he plays industrial, noise and techno. He is also the founder and organizer of Liber Null Berlin and member of Shift.

Frédéric Krauke

was born and lives as an artist in Berlin. Originally coming from the fine arts media drawing and print-making, F.K. has developed his artistic work in short-movies, organizing and realizing several art-events, combining the diversity of medias and personalities of his colleges. Meanwhile he uses the performances art, as a way to combine this experiences to transcend personal, physical and spiritual limits, most often in exchange and collaboration with other artists.
The performance develops in a process of approaching the moment of action. It can not be rehearsed and recalled like a theater-piece.
It depends on the situation; space, time and conditions. The tension in the fore field in between imagination and preparation remains until the moment of release in the transcendental act of performing and creates its own reality and consciousness.

For Liber Null VIII F.K. works together with the noise-artist Mathieu Sylvestre, whose sounds merge with the performance.
The purpose is not only to bring atmospheric background but also lead to a strain climax between noise and action. The piece for this event is a full noise piece and performance art melted in one.

Photo: Michał ANdrysiak
Graphics: Chloe Lee


Ken Karter
Yuro Chain
DE vs Troit
Projekt Gestalten
Frank & David
Julian Muller


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