Golden Gate 12.04.: Fool's Gold - The Electric Spring Chicken Edition

Das Event "Fool's Gold - The Electric Spring Chicken Edition" @ Golden Gate hat bereits am 12.04.2014 stattgefunden.
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Fool's Gold - The Electric Spring Chicken Edition

Springtime's here and for the second edition of Fool's Gold and y'all are in for a treat.

We have invited two masters of electronic eclecticism who aptly bend various electronic styles into one big bomb of love and will guarantee some intense goose bump moments on the dance floor.

Inkfish from Oslo is true veteran behind the wheels of steel and with countless releases out there the man who has proven time and time again how to make those bodies bend like a pretzel.

Johannes Diringer, former member of the infamous WMF DJ team Hifish & Diriger is a joker and trickster who boost's good vibes and enrgy from every inch of his record bag.

And last but not least your hosts and DJ Team galore: The Playfools will make sure that the floor will sparkle with the right amount of smoothness. 


Inkfish (Bedrock)
Johannes Dieringer (Spagat Music)
The Playfools


Abendkasse: 8€

Golden Gate

Golden Gate Berlin

Dircksenstrasse 77
10178 Berlin
Das Golden Gate bewegt sich hauptsächlich in der Berliner Elektroszene. Obwohl lange Veranstaltungen für diese Art der Events typisch sind, setzt das Golden Gate noch einen drauf. Hier wird oftmals von Freitag bis Montag durchgeraved.