Mensch Meier 12.01.: Sick on Acid in Lebanon

Das Event "Sick on Acid in Lebanon" @ Mensch Meier hat bereits am 12.01.2019 stattgefunden.
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· 23:59 · 30
Electro Techno Tech-House

· 23:00 bis 02.02.19 - 12:00 · 34
Verlosung Electro HipHop Tech-House RnB Techno Trap Dance Trance

Sick on Acid in Lebanon

Soliparty for refugee camps - all profit goes to "Raving Lebanon", supporting syrian refugees -The Acid Rave gang from Leipzig with their superfresh parties in the famous IFZ, are collaborating with berlins Sick Crew and "Raving Lebanon": expect an eclectic mix on 3 floors ranging from Acid Techno and Breakbeats over Jungle, UK Rave, Happy Hardcore & Breakcore to HipHop, House and Electro.The event will start at 22:00 with a photo exhibition, about the lebanese refugee camps.


+ Neil Landstrumm (Scandinavia / SCOT)
+ Clara Cuvé (Stock5)
+ SpongebobSquarewave (Offmenut Records / UK)
+ Phatworld (Offmenut Records / UK)
+ Wallis (live) (Vent)
+ Purita D (Killekill)
+ T!LT (Bloody Feet, Guerilla Zoundcrew, Druckluft Soundsystem)
+ Lydi Jah (Guerilla Zoundcrew, Druckluft Soundsystem)
+ Ally X I (Non + Ultras)
+ Gretchen Bazooka (Mensch Meier)
+ Double A Battery Team (Savour The Moment)
+ Hypatia (Devotion)
+ Monotronika (Analog!!!.......bitch)
+ Don Victory (Rap Raqqa City)
+ Juba Band (Rap Raqqa City)
+ Yamen Al-Rayess (Rap Raqqa City)
+ Alexander Dahlmann
+ Ayşe Pervers (Raving Lebanon)
+ Abed (Raving Lebanon)
+ Peter Silié (Sick Crew)
+ TillTheEnd (Acid Rave/Sick Crew)
+ Rave Dave (Sick Crew)


Abendkasse: 12 €