Burg Schnabel 11.08.: Utopia: GoodTaste X FuckTheCalm

This event "Utopia: GoodTaste X FuckTheCalm" @ Burg Schnabel has already ended on 08/11/2018. Here you can find upcoming events for this location!

Gästeliste Burg Schnabel: 2 € Discount

The deadline at our guest list has ended on 08/11/2018 at 6:00 PM.

Utopia: GoodTaste X FuckTheCalm

In a world that constantly reminds utopias are just a dream, Utopia is a gathering for the dreamer… In our flying castle "Burg Schnabel", there shall be all good vibes and an intimate atmosphere… Tyrants and alike are left outside, only the finest shades of house and techno are found here...


+ ONNI (Voima / Something Slow)
+ Andreas König (Good Taste)
+ Bob.Bele (All.You.Need)
+ Herr Creti (Tiefdruckgebeat)
+ Deepraker (FTC Berlin)
+ Ele Luz (FTC Berlin)
+ Kabadayi (FTC Berlin)
+ LionHeart (Hedoné / Colours of Love)
+ Malte Gutmann (FTC Berlin / Glück Im Ohr)
+ Nowhere People (Blaufield Music)
+ Samuel James (Einmusika Recordings)
+ SoulFunk (Hedoné) B2B La_MorenoO
+ The Relative Zero (Faceless Recordings)
+ Techno Jesus (Section 8 Berlin)


Abendkasse: tba
Mit Gästelisten-Anmeldung: 2 € Discount