Rampe 11.07.: Tschau

Das Event "Tschau" @ Rampe hat bereits am 11.07.2015 stattgefunden.
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TSCHAU kicks off with a 36h debut with some of house music’s finest. The open air location is set directly by the river and offers both a dance floor with a good sound system and some cozy hiding places.

We’re celebrating two special birthdays: Michael Melchner and Patrick Klein are entering the next decade so be aware of some special surprises.


+ Audio Werner
+ Felipe Valenzuela
+ Dorian Paic
+ Desert Sky
+ Michael Melchner
+ Patrick Klein
+ Saverio Celestri
+ Martyné
+ Benjamin Stager
+ Skipson
+ Leiris
+ Patrick Poitz
+ Od & Pau
+ Junger