Ava 11.03.: Unison

Das Event "Unison" @ Ava hat bereits am 11.03.2017 stattgefunden.
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· 23:00 · 46
Gästeliste Electro House Tech-House Techno

· 23:00 · 31
Gästeliste Electro House Tech-House Techno



+ Sub Human Bros
+ Inkfish
+ Aananda
+ Juliet
+ Tom Förderer


"There is geometry in the humming of the strings…
there is music in the spacing of the spheres." -Pythagoras

As early as 520 BC, followers of Pythagoras of Samos understood the power of music to heal the body and elevate the soul. Pythagoras realized the pitch of a lyre string was determined by its length, and by dividing the string into intervals, he became the first to uncover the ratios of the fundamental harmonies of music. 

A 3:2 ratio creates a 'fifth', a 3:4 ratio creates a 'fourth', and a 1:2 ratio creates the most powerful harmony, an 'octave' or 'perfect unison'. Pythagoras believed that the musical octave is the simplest and most profound metaphor for the relationship between spirit and matter. He claimed the 'miracle of the octave' is that it divides wholeness into two audibly distinguishable parts, while the two sounds still remain recognizable as the same musical note.

When we raise our voices together, each individual can still be heard. Each voice brings its own character and timbre, each a unique note within a single human chord.

On the evening of Saturday the eleventh of March, we invite you to join us for a night of music and revelry. We’ve got a fresh batch of hand-selected musical performances, paired with visual art installations, special guests, and other interactive surprises, all hand-tuned to match the grand frequency of the evening... 


Abendkasse: 8€


Ava Berlin

Warschauer Straße Ecke Stralauer Allee
10245 Berlin
Das Ava ist ein Berliner Electro-Club. Es will seine ganz eigenen Ideen abseits des Mainstreams durchziehen und ist dabei auch sehr erfolgreich. Im Ava wird jeder Underground-Fan glücklich.