Burg Schnabel 10.10.: Peace on Earth

Das Event "Peace on Earth" @ Burg Schnabel hat bereits am 10.10.2018 stattgefunden.
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Once upon a time, there was a flower blooming bright. Seen by the painters eyes, smelt in hedonistic heights.The flower gave its all, yet felt a very secludedness.To match with others, in variegation, was what it mostly missed!There appeared the god of hour, carefullyto kiss his mother, with all the duty, to end the flower.The beauty shocked, changed its color. For it had not reached, the deepest dream of all it seeked.So these humans, not really tired, aware of life, in mind desires.Laugh at gods eternity,and fullfill the flowers wish, of diversity.


+ Hans Klangholz & Mari.an
+ AndShe & Yanakuna
+ Maugli
+ Lotte Ahoi
+ Roko
+ Sonne, Mond und Mango
+ Aluna
+ Haunted water


Abendkasse: tba