Griessmuehle 10.08.: Antidote

This event "Antidote" @ Griessmuehle has already ended on 08/10/2018. Here you can find upcoming events for this location!

· 10:00 PM until 04/21/19 - 10:00 PM · 15
Electro Techno Tech-House

· 11:00 PM · 9
Tickets Electro Techno Tech-House


Antidote coming back at ya with the heat, this time inviting the dons of Hip-Hop style techno mixing Ben Long & Jamie Bissmire aka the last dj'z on earth aka Space DJz. Long & Bissmire will handle the Halle flanked by a live performance from newcomers Countersubject and our resident Prantel, while the silo will cater to electro heads with a live premiere of the mysterious up and coming Cem3340, LACKRec.'s Gian, who will close b2b with DJ Spit, Whities talent Jules Venturini & local electro head Axiom! This one‘s gonna take us all the way to Port Au Prince and back.


+ Ben Long & Jamie Bissmire (Potential, Ground / UK)
+ Countersubject (live) (Rifts & Dajusch)
+ Prantel (Antidote, Griessmuehle)

+ CEM 3340 (live) (Lunar Orbiter Program, Creme Organization)
+ Gian b2b DJ Spit (2) (LACKRec., Level Delta)
+ Jules Venturini (Whities, Brutaz)
+ Axiom (CL) (X Ploration, Skizze)


Abendkasse: tba