St. Georg 10.05.: Notes From Underground Part IV

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Notes From Underground Part IV

Decend the wearied stairs to one of Berlin’s truly underground venues, the pre-war cellar that is. Notes from Underground returns with a pulsing line-up that will reverberate beneath the streets from the heart of Kreuzberg.

// The Trouble Notes are an international trio currently residing in Berlin. Their music is an eclectic fusion of genres from every corner of the musical spectrum, creating a listening experience that is truly unique to its own. The Trouble Notes released their first EP, "Court the Storm", in August 2013 and are set to release their second EP „Shades of Éire“ world wide in late May 2014.

// Jungle Radio provides a mix instruments apparently distant from one another (drum, accordion, sax, congas, didgeridoo and electronic) combining four individuals belonging to different musical areas. The electronic basis combined with the drum gives rise to a dance sound on which creeps the didgeridoo's hypnotic textures and sax and accordion improvisations. What flows is a mix of pure rhythm with multiple colors and shades: funk, disco, rock, pop, jazz, dub, Balkan vibes.


The Trouble Notes, Jungle Radio, SubCut


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