Burg Schnabel 10.03.: G day Spectrum

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G day Spectrum


+ Aswad DJ (Mix The Pain Away)
+ Vvicky (Makumba)
+ Joseph Diel (SUB Records)
+ 2FARO (G day)
+ Mashyno (G day)


“A spectrum is a range of different entities, ordered in accordance with the magnitudes of a common physical property.”
The idea that we all belong to a spectrum is both empowering and inclusive. It allows each one of us to exist at some unique location, whilst simultaneously belonging to a collective body. 
Gender binary that classifies sex and gender into two opposite forms is restrictive to us. A spectrum is non-binary, allowing everyone to exist freely with no gender or sexual constraints. 
Challenge the proposed divisions between countries and religions. Recognize that common physical properties can coexist alongside the differences that make us individual. 
Our ritual is to dance. Our tradition is to love. This spectrum covers all ages, genders, nationalities and cultures. 

Text: Domi Walker
Visual: Stephane Mashyno & Cristofaro Salvato


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