Loftus Hall 09.08.: Prag.Matik

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Gästeliste Loftus Hall: 5€ Eintritt bis 1:30 Uhr

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To those veterans in the Berlin scene, Prague is no different than many other touristic attractions which has to accommodate a commercial need, fitting to thousands of teenagers looking for wild night life experiences away from their parents.

However, in the cosy cellars of this unique city, DJ Trava has been leading a the battle for an underground techno sub-culture for years now, becoming a techno legend who plays his special dark-tribal techno in every venue he gets to.
His inspiration enabled the small scene to develop and places like the underground afterhour Le Clan club were established, were Pat Heart and Alex Neivel add their own touch to deep house.

The three spearheads of the Prague scene are arriving in Berlin for a unique one-time event that stretches through three cities: they will be hosted by Marion Cobretti, the founder and resident of the legendary Berlin THREESOME collective and by Lt. Dan - one of the Tel-Aviv scene's pillars.

One evening, five DJ's, four musical tastes, three cities. In one word: UNFORGETTABLE!







Marion Cobretti [Threesome / Unvirtual Music / Berlin]
Tráva [Lex Records / Roxy / Prague]
Alex Neivel & Pat Heart [Just Like That Music / Prague]
LtDan [Freaktion / Tel Aviv]


Abendkasse: 7€

Loftus Hall

Loftus Hall Berlin

Maybachufer 48-51
12045 Berlin
Die Loftus Hall ist ein Geheimtipp in der Berliner Elektro-Szene. Die Location bewegt sich weit abseits des Mainstreams und überzeugt mit abwechslungsreichen Line-Ups, einer einladenden Atmosphäre im Stil der 50er und 60er Jahre sowie einem echten Underground Feeling, wie nur Berlin es erzeugen kann.