Void 08.12.: Cubictech

Das Event "Cubictech" @ Void hat bereits am 08.12.2018 stattgefunden.
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· 23:00 · 7
Hard Dnb Drum & Bass Techno House

· 23:00 · 19
Verlosung Bass Music Dubstep Footwork Grime House

· 23:00 · 10
Verlosung Tickets Hard Dnb Drum & Bass Crossbreed



With the only purpose of listening and dancing to the music that we like the most, cubitech was born, a platform to introduce techno artists from any part of the world, taking Berlin as a point of reference.


+ EMONITE A.K.A. FELIPE VOLUMEN (Stage récords/Spain)
+ ANDRES FERNANDEZ A.K.A. KNARIO (keep on dancing/Ibiza)
+ HARD DRUMS (cubictech/Berlín)
+ GUNTER (vaseline factory/Berlin)
+ I.nOmac (vaseline factory/Berlin)
+ MUNAIRHEAD (cubictech/Berlín)
+ DARIO (cubictech/Berlín)


Abendkasse: 10 €