Ritter Butzke 08.08.: Ritterstrass Pres. Galaktika

Das Event "Ritterstrass Pres. Galaktika" @ Ritter Butzke hat bereits am 08.08.2014 stattgefunden.
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Ritterstrass Pres. Galaktika

For the last year, Galaktika has released two big productions from its main artists: Maurice Aymard's "Between Stars" and Garnica's "Fool Again". These albums were in production for about 2 years hitting the physical and digital stores with high acceptance within the audience and experts. Their influences became a way of life, so their musical likes.

Pablo Bolivar is not a new name in the scene, with years of experience and a bunch of releases and projects (Seven Villas, Pulshar, Avantroots), his shows deliver quality and deep feelings. Expect some low frequencies.

As a deluxe guest, with 2 big remixes in Galaktika catalogue, Jay Shepheard carries the London style: classic but irreverent, ironic but polite. In other words, this is a gentleman spinning the sound of new and old House, Disco and Techno.

These guys are reunited to bring taste, eclecticism, love and mediterranean sand into the Berlin Nacht.


Jay Shepheard
Pablo Bolivar
Jens Bond
Maurice Aymard


Abendkasse: tba

Ritter Butzke

Ritter Butzke Berlin

Ritterstr. 24
10969 Berlin
Das Ritter Butzke verdankt seinen Namen der Lage an der Ritterstraße in den ehemaligen Butzke Werken. Auf die Ohren gibt's hier vor allem Elektro Sounds und ab und zu auch mal ein paar Hip Hop Beats. Das Butzke ist ein beliebter Anlaufpunkt der Berliner Partycrowd.