Chalet 08.08.: Music Is Love

Das Event "Music Is Love" @ Chalet hat bereits am 08.08.2014 stattgefunden.
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Music Is Love

Music is Love is a record label born from the hearts and desires of house music lovers to create a community and movement for true house music to rise from the ashes of the modern dance world and hold its true place on top of the pile.

Moreover, Music Is Love is not only a record label providing one on-point release after the other but a way of living, a state of mind, an inner belief. So come over and let your souls and ears get spoiled by the sound and the spirit these lovely guys will bring on.


Mark Henning [Swing, Hypercolour]
De Sluwe Vos [SlapFunk, Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!]
Oli Furness [Sankeys, Music Is Love]
Jamie Trench [Tsuba, Skylax, Music Is Love]
New Jack City [Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!, Music Is Love]
Moody Mehran [Triphouse Rotterdam]
High Had [Feingefuehl, Chalet]
Jan Carlo [Chalet]


Abendkasse: 10€