Arena Club 08.04.: Zwischenwelten#2

Das Event "Zwischenwelten#2" @ Arena Club hat bereits am 08.04.2017 stattgefunden.
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We are so proud to announce that Mancheck is going to join us that night with their precious prevention interventions and informations about drug using and safe sex.
Catch their Safe Party Kit and enjoy the night consciously!!

Zwischenwelten is a new Berlin-based party born with the aim to introduce the attenders to artistic horizons, both live acts and bands, which are not always just strictly related to the dancing scene but, in a broader way, to a culture and its message.

Zwischenwelten has developed its artistic project in a totally independent way with the purpose of sharing high-quality music produced by artists who themselves want to operate as an input for the creation of a new cultural wave.

The party doesn’t identify with the most common targets of nowadays clubbing movement, too based on the “all in” or “all out” principle, bringing to a scenario in which for the too much identification through fashions, there’s no identification at all.
Zwischenwelten would rather become a melting pot for lateral cultural layers, standing beyond borders and limits of nowadays techno scene’s trends.

Our intention is to be(come) a free platform of expression for cultures and artistic realities, both for the emerging and for the already existing ones, to support new communicational forms of the artistic message, and to give space to the undiscovered and yet unknown ideas.


+ group A
+ Ascion
+ Cute Heels
+ Qu Er b2b V.M.


Abendkasse: 10€

Arena Club

Arena Club Berlin

Eichenstraße 4
12435 Berlin
Der auf dem Gelände der Arena liegende Arena Club hat sich auf Elektro-Veranstaltungen spezialisiert und begeistert damit jede Woche seine Gäste. Die Inneneinrichtung überzeugt mit industriellem Charme und mit einem Holzboden, auf dem bis zu 500 Gäste tanzen können.