Ava 07.07.: Klubnacht

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· 23:00 · 43
Gästeliste Electro House Tech-House Techno

· 23:00 · 30
Gästeliste Electro House Tech-House Techno

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Suit Kei is founder of the crew Drastic Beat, landmark of italian underground. She brings across Italy and Europe an eclectic music style rich in influences, builded up on a solid multiform techno frame that plays with house, electro, breakbeat and funk, enriched with a strange perversion for 80's sounds, a taste for psychedelic grooves and a manic obsession to harmonic and rhythmic fusions. Imprinted by the european illegal tekno party scene since 1998, Dj since 2001, from 2006 to 2013 with Drastic Beat produces, organizes and plays in lots of events that leaved a mark on the scene, in many locations of Italy, from big squats to historic clubs. She performs in many cities, clubs and festivals, with huge names of the international electronic scene, in Italy and also Czech Republic, Spain, France. In 2013 frequent gigs in Berlin take her to Germany, where she has found a fertile ground for her music, with new projects, gigs in many relevant locations like M.I.K.Z., Schwuz, Suicide Circus, Griessmuehle, Köpi (Berlin), Elipamanoke (Leipzig), Kassablanca (Jena), Peter-Weiss-Haus (Rostock). In the bright club season 2015/16 the residency at Golden Gate, and the release of her first single on Vanity Music Records and the second one on the big compilation "Artists In Action".


+ Suit Kei
+ Centraz
+ DJ. "DER" Lange
+ more....


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