Gretchen 07.01.: Richard Dorfmeister + Ras Mc T-Weed

Das Event "Richard Dorfmeister + Ras Mc T-Weed" @ Gretchen hat bereits am 07.01.2012 stattgefunden.
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Richard Dorfmeister + Ras Mc T-Weed

How to conduct yourself as a DJ, producer and musician? Do it like Mr. Richard Dorfmeister and look for the ultimate show of professionalism and integrity. Either with the infamous sidekick Peter Kruder for Kruder and Dorfmeister, with the dancefloor-stomping grounds of Madrid de los Austrias or together with Rupert Huber for Tosca, Richard Dorfmeister is the epitome of expertness and professionalism.
With "Pony", the remix version of the outstanding Tosca LP "No Hassle" and latest release from the duo, Richard showed his good feel for talented producers, gathering remixes from the likes of Nicola Conte, Rodney Hunter and Grant Phabao. And after hearing his new "Private Collection" for the G-Stone Master Series, a compilation that grants a little insight into the vision of a musical mastermind, you wouldn't challange his musical understanding at all.
Currently Mr. Dorfmeister is spending time in the studio with Peter Kruder and the two are working on a whole new album, which is set to be released in 2012. In advance, a remastered version and special limited edition of their classic K&D Sessions™ is going to sound the bell. What a year for Richard Dorfmeister!


BOX1: Richard Dorfmeister (G-Stone/AT), Ras MC T-Weed (UK), Eva Be (Best Works RecordsD)
BOX2: G.I. DISCO (Kalle Kuts / Daniel W. Best/D)