Zitadelle Spandau 06.07.: We are One Festival

Das Event "We are One Festival" @ Zitadelle Spandau hat bereits am 06.07.2013 stattgefunden.
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We Are One Festival



+ Paul van Dyk is bringing the WE ARE ONE FESTIVAL back to Berlin in July, only this time to Zitadelle Spandau - a fortress to house only the best of electronic dance music.

Berlin is - without a doubt - the epicenter of Electronic Dance Music. Every week, tens of thousands of tourists and locals flock to the clubs to celebrate their love for music. A city holding such a spirit needs an appropriate festival to bring all music enthusiasts together to dance in unity.

In 2010, the WE ARE ONE festival combined the forces of international stars Paul van Dyk, Underworld and Armin van Buuren to do exactly that. 10,000 people gathered together at the sold-out O2 Arena to experience, discover and enjoy the versatility of electronic music.

WE ARE ONE heralds a new era in the capital, and glowing reviews of epic proportions have encouraged presenter and organizer Paul van Dyk to host yet another WE ARE ONE Festival in Berlin on the 6th of July 2013.


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