Mensch Meier 05.10.: Berlin Invasion meets SSp23

Das Event "Berlin Invasion meets SSp23" @ Mensch Meier hat bereits am 05.10.2018 stattgefunden.
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· 23:59 · 20
Electro Techno Tech-House

· 20:00 bis 24.02.19 - 10:00 · 15
Electro Techno Tech-House

Verlosung Mensch Meier: 2x2 Freikarten

Die Verlosung endete am 04.10.2018 um 15:00.

Berlin Invasion meets SSp23

There are two underground currents running deep in the European Techno scene. Berlin Invasion and SP23. Connect these legendary crews together with Funktion-One, in Berlin's mighty Mensch Meier club and you have one of the Techno calendar's parties of the year. Three floors - with full live and DJ crews


+ Crystal Distortion (live) (Sp23)
+ 69 db Live (Sp23)
+ Racket Alert Live (Sp23)
+ Max Volume Live (Sp23)
+ Jeff23 (Sp23)
+ Ixindamix (Sp23)
+ Konik Polny (Berlin Invasion)
+ Groove daniel (Berlin Invasion)
+ Meltdown Mickey (Sp23)
+ V (NYC) (Berlin Invasion)
+ Tiina Magenta (Berlin Invasion)
+ Joseph Diel (SUB records / G day)
+ 2FARO (G day)
+ Mashyno (G day)
+ Deco & light by Cult of Signs (Sp23)
+ Vj Claer (Berlin Invasion)


Abendkasse: 12 €