Else 05.09.: Moules Frites ELSEwhere /w. Trujillo, Stella Zekri

Das Event "Moules Frites ELSEwhere /w. Trujillo, Stella Zekri" @ Else hat bereits am 05.09.2018 stattgefunden.
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Moules Frites ELSEwhere /w. Trujillo, Stella Zekri

Dear “Bon Vivants”, 

We are very proud to invite you to our first out of house Moules Frites evening. In deed, we have the honour of organizing our emblematic pop-up event in one of Berlins finest open air Location: ELSE. 

Should it be on the river banks, nested on one of the terraces or on the shady patio, ELSE's beautiful setting offers a perfect backdrop to our Bistro inspired pop-up! 

Moreover, the occasion being so beautiful to be missed, we will also be celebrating Lipopette's 5th Birthday ! 

Starting on the open air stage then moving down to the “Mini Club”, 

Festivities will be orchestrated by: 


+ Trujillo
+ Stella Zekri
+ Alfred Moliere


Abendkasse: tba