Golden Gate 04.07.: Stay Cool with False Image - 10 Years

Das Event "Stay Cool with False Image - 10 Years" @ Golden Gate hat bereits am 04.07.2014 stattgefunden.
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Stay Cool with False Image - 10 Years

After playing each others' records for years, Highgrade founder Tom Clark and Thoughtless Music boss Noah Pred finally joined forces in 2012. Since Noah's arrival in Berlin in 2011, he and Tom quickly found their groove in the studio and began producing as a ritual every Wednesday: detox day. Applying their combined 20 years of dance floor experience, the result is a deep and unique sound exemplified on their three releases for Get Physical and remixes for No.19 and Thoughtless. With plenty more in store, they'll soon be bringing their infectious chemistry to the clubs with live and DJ sets in Berlin and beyond...


Turmspringer (Tonkind)
Didier Dlb (Subsonic Music)
Neco (Golden Gate)

False Image (Get Physical / Berlin)


Abendkasse: tba

Golden Gate

Golden Gate Berlin

Dircksenstrasse 77
10178 Berlin
Das Golden Gate bewegt sich hauptsächlich in der Berliner Elektroszene. Obwohl lange Veranstaltungen für diese Art der Events typisch sind, setzt das Golden Gate noch einen drauf. Hier wird oftmals von Freitag bis Montag durchgeraved.