Humboldthain 04.04.: Elbee Bad & A Guy Called Gerald - What They Really Wanna Play

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Elbee Bad & A Guy Called Gerald - What They Really Wanna Play

What they really wanna play“
At a normal Club Night the DJs are trying to match their sets with the party and the crowd. Nothing to say against it...been there, done that.
But what, if we give experienced artists the possibility to do what they want and play what they want?
For this special night we have two legends, who will be taking you on a musical journey. Going deep in their repertoire, Elbee Bad & A Guy Called Gerald are gonna play the music that they love and which has been influencing them in their long career.
We don´t know what to expect...but we are really curious!
About the artists:
A Guy Called Gerald is 25+ years of dance music incarnate. From “Voodoo Ray” in 1988 to “Tronic Jazz” released on Germany’s respected Laboratory Instinct label in 2010, this man is a self-written bible of dance music.
He is one of a few special producers who entered dance when it was jackin’ and has never let up. He was the first UK acid house producer and achieved the rare feat of having not one but two instrumental dance tracks in the UK charts at the same time. He formed 808 State with a drum machine, a 303, 2 Roland SH101s and two other humans.
Over the course of his career Gerald has collaborated with everyone from Frankie Knuckles and Goldie through to Derrick May and Herbie Hancock. His remix credits are equally impressive with reworks in his back catalogue for David Bowie, Lamb, Stone Roses, Can, Tricky and Roman Flügel as well as having toured with the likes of New Order and Bebel Gilberto.
Elbee Bad:
Elbee Bad started his musician career over 20 years ago. Growing up in a time when music was alive and filled with talent and showmanship, this was instilled in him, and is still one of his strongest points today.
As a DJ and MC, Elbee Bad has dazzled crowds around the world mixing and remixing live on his new weapons of choice: the turntables, mixer and microphone.
Live, Elbee switches between the turntables and the mic, singing, rapping and engaging an always enthusiastic audience.
Elbee Bad has been keeping crowds on their toes by playing a variety of new and unfamiliar sounds and over the course of the years gained the nickname of the Prince of Dance Music. With a background in radio and television broadcasting, Elbee has worked for some of the most prominent radio stations in New-York (WBLS and WGLI, hosting shows ranging from hip-hop to the showcasing of young local talent) and after moving to the other side of the Atlantic, Elbee entertained Berliners for four years on Kiss FM with his bi-weekly live five hour music show Wow What’s That!, playing alongside the likes of electronic music legends DJ Hell and Laurent Garnier.
His message was (and still is) music, love and laughter, and his releases have graced the likes of BAD’S LABEL, LARHON RECORDS, RUSH HOUR, NU GROOVE, GIGOLO, LASER GUN, COMPOST, SOMA, BCC BERLIN, CAFE DEL MAR as well as many others.


Elbee Bad (Rush Hour / Gigolo Rec / Berlin) live
A Guy Called Gerald (808 State / Perlon / Berlin) live


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