Ritter Butzke 03.05.: Stereo Express & AKA AKA Record Release Party

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Stereo Express & AKA AKA Record Release Party

Die Doppelte Jana
In the last three years, the Belgian producer Stereo Express impressed with a high-altitude flight of his powerful talents. Not only his hit „La Vie En Rose“ was celebrated frenetically, his Eurythmics cover of "Sweet Dreams" fascinated countless crowds around the world. As a regular guest at the ecstatic Burlesque Musique showcases it was only a matter of time until Stereo Express debuts on the label of AKA AKA. Before his first album "Cirque de L'Amour" will be released soon, the Belgian joins forces with AKA AKA & Thalstroem as well as vocalist Timmy Shimmy to increase the anticipation of the long-player with the first single „When I’m With You“.

Together they create a wonderful house gem that is initially driven by strings and claps, before the crystal clear guitar will be flanked by a grooving bass line. The lyrics are a declaration of love towards our soul mate, to life in general and radiate this positive attitude that defines Burlesque Musique – including a delicate French touch and a chime final. With its dominant kick drum, the club edit starts a bit harder and dispense the hedonistic vocals, even though the warmth and grace of the strings as well as the flattering melody constitutes the attention of „When I’m With You“. The Bremen-based producer Oliver Schories equips his remix not only with a lowered bass line, but relies on the trinity of hi-hats, long-drawn chords and dreamy soundscapes. The down-pitched vocals top his purist approach tremendously off. The second remix comes from Sakso. The saxophonist is both the studio mate of Stereo Express as well as his partner in crime during their live gigs. He puts focus on the vocals and impresses with a swarming sax solo that longs for summer and evokes daydreams. A phenomenal appetizer for the upcoming debut album by Stereo Express!


Stereo Express feat. Sakso live
Skinnerbox (live)

AKA AKA all night long
Sebastian Plössner
Zigan Aldi
Dennis Beutler
Hugo Trece
Mr. Kerosin
Die Doppelte Jana


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Ritter Butzke

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