1 Stralau 01.04.: GMF | Easter Sunday Special

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Verlosung GMF: 2x2 Freikarten

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GMF | Easter Sunday Special

We are happy to invite you to our annual, legendary King-Sized „GMF OSTERSONNTAG PARTY“!
This year at a special new location-- the „OSTHAFEN Berlin“ .With space for more than 1500 of our beloved guests, this river-front location boasts a powerful sound-system on 2 floors resounding our Mix of House, Techno, Urban & Pop Dance!!—„GMF EASTERSUNDAY“-----Your Easter Party Highlight in Berlin. 

Our premium holiday DJ line-up includes international star Producer Chris Bekker from Paul Van Dyks label Vandit Records; Marion Cobretti, a mastermind of producing, deejaying & event hosting; the well known DJ Alejandro Alvarez, resident of Green Komm Cologne & Revelation Brussels; the High-Drag-Society superstar Gloria Viagra; Drag Con contestant Katy Böhm. We welcome „live on stage“ Berlin´s own Voice of Germany „Sweetheart“ Jade Pearl Baker & American songwriter and LGBT-Soulbrother Adam Joseph, who recently collaborated on a release with RuPaul's Drag Race-Star Miss Peppermint .

The party is serviced exclusively by the GMF team and staff—a guarantee for swift and friendly service at the door, coat check and all bars. The traditiion continues! See you on Easter Sunday!


+ Chris Bekker [La Demence // Vandit Rec.]
+ Marion Cobretti [Four Play // Section 8]
+ Alejandro Alvarez [Revelation BRU // Green Komm CGN]
+ Gloria Viagra [GMF // Tel Aviv Pride]
+ Katy Bähm [RuPaul´s DragCon L.A.]


+ SHOW: Jade Pearl Baker Show [The Voice of Germany]
+ LIVE: Adam Joseph [latest release „thirsty“ feat. Miss Peppermint]


Abendkasse: 17 €

1 Stralau

1 Stralau Berlin

Alt-Stralau 1
10245 Berlin
1 Stralau liegt direkt an der Berliner Spree und bietet mit einer riesigen Fläche viel Raum für verschiedene Veranstaltungskonzepte und Kreativität. Die Location lässt sich aufteilen, um mehreren Events platz zu bieten.