Ohm 01.04.: Rec Room with Raggs, Regent Street & Chix

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Rec Room with Raggs, Regent Street & Chix

"We want to show you what we love about music without any other boundaries than our own restless minds."

Stepping up behind the decks will be Brixton’s mistress of the bass DJ Raggs with her extensive collection of grime, dubstep, dancehall, hiphop and UKG. Hailing from a vibrant musical background in Southern London, she nowadays co-runs club nights with N-Type and Sgt. Pokes. And as emerging producer she’s crafting tunes with the likes of Cotti, Dubface, Beezy, KT Tunstall and Ghost Recordings bossman El-B.
Additional 160bpm bounce on the night will be provided by Brooklyn’s juke whiz Regent Street. The Teklife affiliate comes up with his unique approach, drawing heavily from his Jamaican heritage. In his natural habitat of NYC he can be found with the Teklife & Juke Bounce Work crews across the city, from Trans-Pecos and Sunnyvale to Cameo Art Gallery.
Representing the Berlin fam will be Through My Speakers frontrunner Chix. Purveying the local underground scene as promoter, manager and Boiler Room associate, he established a close-knit collective of creative music enthusiasts. And with his spot-on sets packed of bass-heavy riddims Chix keeps pushing things forward in Berlin and beyond.
Rec Room hosts Sarah Farina and Uta will be rounding off the bill, threading their path through footwork, bass styles, weighty steppers and oldschool jungle. As part of the Through My Speakers collective, via their monthly show on Berlin Community Radio and by extensively gigging throughout local and international spots Uta’s and Sarah’s flawless selections made them accalimed ambassadors of the ever-expanding bass continuum.


+ Raggs (Ghost Recordings I UK)
+ Regent Street (Fire 4 Hire | US)
+ Chix (Through My Speakers, Boiler Room)
+ Sarah Farina (Rec Room, Through My Speakers)
+ Uta (Rec Room, Through My Speakers)


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